Dan Braulsh

Dan Braulsh was born on the 9 December 1971 to parents from Liverpool and Austria.

He immigrated to NZ in 1979, which he abandoned 1994 to spent his time between the district of Tulpa [Peru] and Altanbulag [Mongolia].

While Braulsh is predominately a writer, he also collaborates with artists from around the world with his series ‘The Invisible School of Dissonances’, which explores contemporary interpretations of the concept of the ‘Memory Palace’.

Awards/Public Works

1999 – Inaugural Prize for ‘Unrelated’ – Installation/Collaboration, Verkhoyansk.

2003 – Award for ‘Unseen Ink’ – Short Stories, Entropy Magasin, Snowcastle.

2005 – Highly Commended for ‘Unabridged Chronicles for the Forgotten Man’ – Novel, Cenotes Publishing Ltd.

2008 – ‘Schmetterlinge fliegen Nicht’ – Absurd Drama, Installation/Collaboration, City of Absurdities.

2009 to 2014 – Recluse in Residence for research at the Department of Memories, Red Dog Mine.

2015 – Jury Prize for ‘I am not Peter’ – Installation/Collaboration, Ayun Pan.

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