Crowd at Tahuna Beach photo courtesy Nelson Provincial Museum

How is the beach a symbol of your childhood?

“For many New Zealanders the beach is the essence of the Kiwi dream – the sun, the space, the physical beauty and the sense of a relaxed escape into nature. Easy and free access to the beach has been seen as a national birthright. The beach is considered to be the place to go for a holiday. For over a century it has attracted campers, and about half of New Zealand’s campgrounds are located at beaches,” writes Jock Williams [Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand]

We’re really proud that New Zealanders have been making Collective Holiday Memories here at Tahuna Beach since 1926. In 2016, we’re celebrating! Next month, we will officially launch the Collective Holiday Memories national photo and short story competition, so dust out those photo albums and take a wander down memory lane this winter with your reminiscences of holidays at Tahuna Beach.

Many New Zealanders consider their days at the beach as being the highpoint of their younger years – so much so that the beach has become a symbol of childhood. To get you in mood for storytelling, you might want to check out the selection of books about the beach listed here. There are also more than 50 New Zealand children’s books about the beach and several from New Zealand writers for adults as well including Katherine Mansfield’s At the bay and Bruce Mason’s The end of the golden weather.