Winners announced

The winners of the Collective Holiday Memories competition were announced at Tahuna Beach Holiday Park’s Big 90th Birthday Bash on 6 January 2017. STORY COMPETITION WINNER – The Annual Holiday Argument by Evelyn Dalzell Really resonated with the judges, who enjoyed the running gag. It had a good storytelling structure and lots of memorable moments. […]


Tahuna Beach Sculpture Walk Competition award winners announced

Winner of the 2016 Judges’ Choice Award: · ‘Root Ball’ by David Carson [Tasman Artist] Exhibit #12 Recipients of Merit Awards for ‘Highly Commended’ Entries: · “Tree of Pablo” by Donna Allfrey [Nelson Artist] Exhibit #9 · “Anti-Amphitheatre” by Dan Braulsh [Transient Artist] Exhibit #3 · “The Cycle Trail” by Maggy Johnston [Tasman Artist] Exhibit […]


A Cautionary Guide to Getting Away from It All

1. There’s no such thing as getting away from it all ‘All’ is what makes life easy and keeps you warm, dry and well-nourished. ‘All’ is what makes a decent cup of coffee, retards the decay of foodstuffs and keeps your belongings stored in some kind of order. ‘All’ is also what keeps you fresh-smelling, […]


Story prompts

Do you want to share your holiday memories – and be in the running to win a share of $8000 in prizes in the Collective Holiday Memories competition – but aren’t quite sure what to write about? Here’s a few prompts to help you get started: 1. How does your daily routine change when you […]

Crowd at Tahuna Beach photo courtesy Nelson Provincial Museum

How is the beach a symbol of your childhood?

“For many New Zealanders the beach is the essence of the Kiwi dream – the sun, the space, the physical beauty and the sense of a relaxed escape into nature. Easy and free access to the beach has been seen as a national birthright. The beach is considered to be the place to go for […]