Winners announced

The winners of the Collective Holiday Memories competition were announced at Tahuna Beach Holiday Park’s Big 90th Birthday Bash on 6 January 2017.


WINNER – The Annual Holiday Argument by Evelyn Dalzell

Really resonated with the judges, who enjoyed the running gag. It had a good storytelling structure and lots of memorable moments. The use of the adult voice remembering childhood memories and its honesty were both strengths. Collecting bottles is reminiscent of many people’s childhoods.

The annual holiday argument

MERIT – A Night Encounter by Diane Bargas Rees

Unusual insight, quirky, very Kiwi story.

A night encounter

MERIT – 60 Years of Memories by April Jarden

This story did the best job at recounting the changes to the camping experience over the decades.

60 years of memories

MERIT – The Expanding Tale of Smith, Johnson and Reardon by Alan and Heather Johnson

Nice rhythm, simple ideas conveyed well.

The expanding tale of Smith, Johnson and Reardon

PEOPLE’S CHOICE STORY – Our Family Tradition by Lilly Walkenhorst

A lovely tale from Lilly, who is nine years old.

Our family tradition


BEST PHOTO: ‘Back Beach’ by Liz Gregory

'Back Beach' by Liz Gregory
‘Back Beach’ by Liz Gregory

MERIT AWARDS: ‘Us in the Bush’ by Denis Cains and ‘Memories’ by Julia Daly

‘Us in the Bush’ by Denis Cains
'Memories' by Julia Daly
‘Memories’ by Julia Daly

PEOPLE’S CHOICE PHOTO: ‘Memories’ by Julia Daly

'Memories' by Julia Daly
‘Memories’ by Julia Daly