Story prompts

Do you want to share your holiday memories – and be in the running to win a share of $8000 in prizes in the Collective Holiday Memories competition – but aren’t quite sure what to write about? Here’s a few prompts to help you get started: 1. How does your daily routine change when you […]

Flooding at Tahuna Beach Holiday Park back in 1986

Summer Storm

At first it was just a rumble in the distance that barely disturbed the quiet summer night. I needed to go to the toilet block, but I wasn’t going anywhere with that strange noise around. I squeezed my eyes shut and shuffled further into my sleeping bag. Perhaps if I ignored it, it would go […]

This is the back beach, just behind the camp. It was one of many hot, calm evenings this past summer in Nelson. Took the kids for a walk along the beach before bed and they spent ages watching the tiny fish swimming around their feet at sunset.

Sunset in paradise

Hayley Barrett has been coming to Tahuna Beach Holiday Park every Christmas since 1978 when she was three years old. She started bringing her husband twenty years ago and now they bring their children who look forward to their summer caravan holiday all year, the same way she did when she was a kid (and still does now!)

Sofia has been coming to Tahuna Beach on holidays since she was six weeks old

Etched in sand

Julia Daly’s father has holidayed at Tahuna Beach for 60 years and first brought her along when she was only six weeks only. She is now 33 years old and brings her own children. Sofia is four and first came at six weeks and Henry first holidayed at Tahuan when he was only two weeks old.

The Hortin family campsite in 1955

Free entertainment by the beach

I was two years old and my sister was five when, back in 1953, our family made the first long car trip from Ashburton to Nelson – a tradition that continued for many years, with a trailer behind the car packed high with all the camping gear. Our tent was a motor tent (green roof, […]

Marion Whyte & Paul Dayman in their courtyard at Tahuna Beach Holiday Park

Inspired Living 

“We live here out of inspiration, not desperation.” So declares long-time permanent camp resident Paul Dayman who lives with his partner Marion Whyte in an area of the camp its residents call The Heights. Looking west across the camp towards the snow-capped Mt Arthur Range, home is a comfortable caravan and insulated annexe, with a […]

Walking back to the tent after having a fun time on the beach February 2015

The happy followers

Ayumi Murdoch’s image, titled “The happy followers”, is the July Photo of the Month in the Collective Holiday Memories competition. Ayumi, her husband, son (now nine years old) and daughter (now 12) have been camping at Tahuna Beach over the summer holidays every year since 2009.

Went for evening walk on the beach and we found a stage for dancing, December 2014

It’s show time

Ayumi Murdock is a 45 year old mother of two children. “My husband, kids and I have spent the Christmas holidays at Tahuna Beach every year since 2009. We enjoy camping, swimming, fishing and playing holiday park activities.”

Ro Cambridge filming on the back beach at Tahuna

Dog beach a delight

Ro Cambridge moved to Nelson in her 50s and has never camped at Tahuna. However, she says the ‘back beach’ – a place where dogs and their owners are allowed to run free – is a delight.